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03 Greedo Gives 42 Dugg Post-Prison Advice, Thanks Him For Support

Source: TMZ


42 Dugg's release from prison this week is music to 03 Greedo's ears ... he says Dugg actually used to reach out to him during his own lengthy prison bid!!!

Greedo tells TMZ Hip Hop the Detroit rapper is arguably his fave to hail from the Motor City ... acknowledging Dugg was "going through some things" amid his sentence for gun possession.

Dugg lashed out at his prison conditions last year with claims he had to heat up his food with murky water from the shower ... but Greedo foresees smooth sailing for Dugg, as he's part of Yo Gotti's powerful Collective Music Group conglomerate.

As we reported, Gotti welcomed Dugg back into the CMG and they headed straight to the studio after getting some grub.

Greedo says the best course for Dugg is to get back on the move like he never left -- he says that's what worked for him after he was released!!!

The "Wolf Of Grape Street" was released from prison at the top of the year after serving a 5-year bid, and says he's been able to stay booked on tours with the music he's released.

Look out for him and Dugg to collab down the line -- yeah, his grin in our clip is a dead giveaway.

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