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50 Cent's Diddy Documentary Proceeds To Benefit Sexual Assault Victims

Source: TMZ


50 Cent is getting ready to roll out a documentary on Diddy and his recent drama, but the money made from the project is slated to benefit a good cause.

The "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" rapper's upcoming documentary plans to highlight the many accusations hurled Diddy's way in the past few weeks -- and he announced on Wednesday that the profits are going to charity.

A rep for 50 Cent and G-Unit Film and Television confirmed to TMZ Hip Hop that this documentary is currently in development and all G-Unit Film & Television proceeds from this Documentary will go to victims of Sexual Assault and Rape.

To accompany the announcement, 50 shared a new interview clip featuring former Bad Boy artist Mark Curry ... where the "Bad Boy 4 Life" rapper claimed Diddy used to host parties and give spiked bottles and pills to the women in attendance.

50 also threw sly shots at his other foe Rick Ross in his teaser trailer ... by using Rozay's controversial "U.O.E.N.O." lyrics about slipping females molly in their champagne when they weren't looking.

Diddy isn't letting all this smut go to his name without a fight ... earlier today, he emphasized "enough is enough" and denied all the allegations as a money grab as a response to yet another lawsuit.

50 has yet to set a release date for the doc, but he's been posting about Diddy a lot lately, so you gotta imagine it's top of mind.

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