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Album Review: Lil Durk - 7220

Written By: Mike Double G


Grade = 79% or 3.5 ️Stars

Track List - 48 minutes

  1. Computer Murders 2:20 ️

  2. Started From 2:01

  3. Headtaps 2:54

  4. AHHH HA 3:07 ️

  5. Shootout @ My Crib 2:34 ️

  6. Golden Child 1:55 ️

  7. No Interviews 3:00 ️

  8. Petty Too (Feat. Future) 2:40 ️

  9. Barbarian 2:29 ️

  10. What Happened To Virgil (Feat. Gunna) 3:02

  11. Grow Up/Keep It On Speaker 3:16

  12. Smoking & Thinking 2:28

  13. Blocklist 2:07

  14. Difference Is (Feat. Summer Walker) 3:14

  15. Federal Nightmares 2:31

  16. Love Dior Banks 3:11

  17. Pissed Me Off 2:03

  18. Broadway Girls (Feat. Morgan Wallen) 3:06

As far as solo projects The Voice and Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 were both better but this was still a solid project from Lil Durk. The first listen might seem underwhelming if you prefer the drill/no auto Durk. One of the reasons for this is because AHHH HA is easily the best song on the project. Pissed Me Off is also a favorite. Both of these songs were released before the album was and those were two of the hardest drill songs on the project. A week after the albums release he added Computer Murders which is another drill record. This was a good move since the album did seem somewhat light when it came to those kind of records. After giving this project give a few more spins you’ll see this is another strong project from Durk. He has been nothing but consistent the last couple years.

This album could have used one or two more features but I think we will get those on a deluxe. “The Voice” deluxe had Lil Baby on Finesse out the Gang Way and Pooh Shiesty on Should've Ducked. These were two of the best songs on that project. Usually deluxe versions water down a project but the deluxe version of that album might have been better than the original version. I think Durk might have a couple dope collaborations tucked after all the features he did in 2021. If there is a deluxe I predict we’ll get a feature with Lil Baby and King Von. I was a little surprised Durk was only on Von’s album once. There’s also a chance of us getting India, pt 4. Durk purposed to his longtime girlfriend back in December. The only reason this might not happen is because Difference Is and Blocklist might be this album’s version of his songs to her.

One small beef I had is a few songs aren’t very long. Songs like Golden Chid, and “Pissed Me Off” are around 2 minutes and feel even shorter as the beat rides out the last 30 seconds or longer. I would have liked another verse on those songs but the short length is the trend these days. I think this is because artists want more streams. It is much easier to replay a two minute song then a 4 or 5 minute song. Even still, I think a hit is a hit regardless. Good examples would be Bad & Boujee at 5:43 or Sicko Mode at 5:13. Those two songs were exceptionally long but they still did huge numbers. One reason for this is both songs included features but even on a solo track I’d like to hear more than one verse. “Golden Chikd” and “Pissed Me Off” are still dope despite the short length.

What Happened To Virgil refers to the American fashion designer and entrepreneur Virgil Abloh who passed away November 28th. This song was cool and it will get a lot of streams. I think Durk and Gunna have great chemistry but they have better stuff. Another notable song is Love Dior Banks. This song is this albums version of “The Voice” as the instrumental is guitar based. The verses are similar but the hook is very different. “Computer Murders” was a late addition to the album and was placed in the one spot so listeners don’t miss it at the bottom of the track list. However, Started From was the real intro to the project. This is one of Durk’s more personal records. He explains the title of the album on this song when he says:

7220, like my Grandma address. There's like a whole story I wanna get off my chest.

You could call this song the title track. The next song “Headtaps” is also one of his more personal records.

This is Durk’s first number one album as it sold over 120,000 copies in its first week. “AHH HA” is a big reason for that as he targets NBA YoungBoy. This song is a response to YB’s diss track Bring The Hook”. All publicity is good publicity and the more popular the artist is the more streams the artist gets. Both of these guys are A-list rappers at a time where hip-hop is the most popular genre of music in the world. I’m not picking sides since these are two of my favorite rappers but “AHHH HA” was a better song than “Bring the Hook, at least from a musical standpoint. “AHHH HA” has a lot more replay value despite the diss lyrics. The song has structure and the chorus is one of the most catchy hooks on the album. As far as who had the better project I gave “7220” and “Colors” both a 79% or 3.5 stars.

Best Song = “AHHH HA”

Download: 7220

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