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Album Review: The Hxliday - Batbxy

Written By: Mike Double G


Grade = 67% or 3 ⭐️

1. Nxbody ⭐️

2. Laugh A Little ❌

3. Thank U ✅

4. LxneChild ✅

5. Batgirl ⭐️

6. Bad ❌

TheHxliday is not the best lyricist but he makes up for with Melody. His hook’s are much better than his verses. He does have some catchy songs on this project but most of the songs are targeted for a young audience. Most of his fans are going to be in there teens. A high percentage of them being middle schoolers. He is only 19 but as he gets older he is going to have to find more substance to draw fans of a older demographic. He was more impressive on the Internet Money LP B4 the Storm, where he had two tracks that are better than any of the material on this project. Overall this EP was a little disappointing. If you are a younger listener your going to enjoy this project more than the average listener. I tried to look at both prospective and I came up with a 3 ⭐️ rating which is average.

Best Song. = Nxbody

Download: BatBxy

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