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Amelia Moore Ain't Going "Back To Him (Prod. Timbaland)"

Written By: Big C


Jokes on you if you keep repeating the same ole bullsh*t! Amelia Moore is tired of the games with broke dudes. Creating a whirlwind in the music industry, Amelia is riding high off her latest project He's Just Not That Into You!, This collection showcases Amelia's prowess in songwriting, delivering a blend of pop hits infused with her distinctive R&B flair and melodic complexities. Her path continues forward with the stand out single Back To Him featuring affluent super-producer Timbaland. Amelia spoke on the record:

To have Timbaland involved in this project is truly a dream come true, and I'm honored to collaborate with a hero of mine." The mixtape, he's just not that into you delves into themes of breaking free from toxic relationships and the journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. It explores internal struggles related to self-worth, comparison, and identity, offering a narrative of solace and encouragement for those striving to move forward.

Describing the mixtape's concept, Amelia elaborated:

I wanted to create a musical journey for anyone grappling with the lingering presence of an ex-partner, featuring songs that serve as reminders of the toxicity of past relationships. It's a mixtape designed to reassure listeners that they deserve better and that it's time to let go. Consider it a gift from me to you, and perhaps even to myself (yikes!).

Timbaland discovered "Back To Him" during one of his TikTok Live listening sessions, and reached out directly to offer his production expertise. This track is a captivating fusion of pop and R&B, drawing listeners in with its heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies. In the song, Amelia adopts the role of a concerned friend urging others to break free from relationships that do not value their time and worth. Surrounded by her girlies, Amelia continues to make her mark as a multifaceted artist unafraid to tackle universal themes with authenticity and creativity. Stream your copy of the album here and watch the official video below. Be sure to connect with Amelia Moore on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and TIKTOK.

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