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Behind The Lens: Alicia Marie

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Photo Credit: Jamaal Pegues

What time of day do you feel the most creative? I drive a lot for my regular work so I like riding to beats and writing as I drive, it helps to pass the time. But typically, I really write most fluidly at night. I handle a lot all day and I normally don't get to really relax until later on in the night so once my brain lets go and starts going, I just keep writing until it stops. Are there any skills you are trying to learn/improve to perfect your craft? I'm always trying to tighten up my skills. Reading always helps to expand the mind. I try to read as much as I can when I have the time. But practice is really what makes "perfect". I try to challenge myself to different style beats on a regular just to challenge my perspective on a track. I have tons of songs I will never share with anyone because it was either solely a therapeutic moment, or an exercise to widen my range.

What are your opinions on guns in America? I think they are necessary when they are necessary. I don't have too much to say on that. Should we be helping Ukraine, and if so how? For me it's less about whether we should help Ukraine and more about whether the tragedies taking place right here with our own people are being addressed efficiently before sending large portions of resources to other countries.

Photo Credit: Ducethrewthelens

Name a song that has changed your life? Keep Ya Head Up by Tupac. I've been a Tupac fan most of my life but that song sticks with me in particular because of something I went through as a teenager. Someone that always meant a lot to me wrote a poem for me using that song when I was in the middle of some serious hardships and I never forgot that. Would you rather be poolside, on a boat, or at the beach? I love the beach! I honestly never really went before becoming an adult and I absolutely love it! You won't catch me too far in the water but everything about the environment just relaxes and calms me. It's become one of my favorite places to be.

What dish are you bringing to the cookout? Hmmmm. Depends on what you want! If we're talking like basic cookout vibes, I make some fire fried chicken...I make great barbeque chicken too. But if we're feasting and I'm asked to go all out, I love making Dominican dishes. One of my favorite meals to make is called Pollo Guisao. I like it best in the crockpot. It's basically a chicken stew with vegetables over yellow rice and it's everything in this lifetime and the next. What drink are you bringing to the cookout? Alcoholic beverages? Or non-alcoholic? If we're drinking drinking then I'm bringing Casamigos. Otherwise I'm probably coming with the case of water or some type of cranberry juice.

Photo Credit: DeAngelo O'Briant

Are there any videographers, directors, or cinematographers you would like to work with? I don't currently have my heart set on anyone. I will say the video I just released for my new song Hebi Jibi was filmed by A Guy Called Quest and he super exceeded my expectations. I may be stuck on him for a little bit as far as future projects go. What is a catchphrase or motto of yours and where can people connect with you? I don't really have any catchphrases to be honest. I have a habit of calling everyone I vibe with a motherf**ker lol ( I don't know if I can say that here). But yeah a lot of people are used to me doing that and that's how people have begun casually greeting me which I think is pretty cool lol. Otherwise, I wouldn't really call it a catchphrase, but when I greet people in the mornings I like to say Rise and Grind and remind everyone it's a new day to make more moves. People can find me on most social media platforms at @Iam.amarieee. My music is available on all streaming platforms and my new music video Hebi Jibi is out now too. Rock with me!

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