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Behind The Lens: Chyld


What’s the origin behind your name? Where are you from?

The origin behind CHYLD is the fact that every other name felt way too serious, and I feel very much still like a kid! I’m from Boston, MA! Boston strong!!

What moment in entertainment music has stood out to you the most?

I got to meditate in the green room with Greyson Chance moments before opening for him. That was very cool.

If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing ?

Something with space or Nasa!!

If you could work with anyone in the industry who would it be? 

Hands down, Kendrick Lamar. He’s the definition of perfectionist.

What is your creative process? Do you write or freestyle your music? 

I freestyle the lyrics and the way the words should sound/feel. The lyrics come from that, or from visuals/song titles that tickle my brain. For example Cookies and Milk was just a dope song title, that’s where that song came from.

What do you have going on right now? (Merch, Music, Events, Collabs, etc) 

Lots and lots of upcoming singles, and an EP. You can buy merch on the website :)

What’s one thing you wish someone told you about the music industry which would have drastically changed your career?

I think no matter what there’s always new stuff to learn every single minute of every day, but wish I took more time and waited with certain song releases

Superhero or Villain?

Super hero? I try?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Hopefully playing live shows again!

Where can people connect with you?

Everywhere! @chyldmusic or @sleepykidrecords

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