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Behind The Lens: DJ Dave Jordan


Is being a DJ your main business or do you have another profession/career?

No, I'm a retired Air Force veteran and I currently work in Law Enforcement for Miami Dade Police Department. Also, at the end of 2022 started my own internet radio station called IGRMiami (Independent Global Radio Miami). It's a DJ driven station that also supports independent artist.

How long have you been DJing?

I started learning and making mixtapes as a teenager in high school, but from a professional level I'd say since 2009. That's when I decided to get back into DJing and doing events for pay. To resharpen my skills after a long time away from DJing, I attended Scratch DJ Academy Miami which was founded by DJ Jam Master Jay from RUN DMC.

What kind of music do you play?

I'm a music lover, so I'm an Open Format DJ, but if I had to say what I play the most of it would be RnB, Hip Hop and Old School 70s, 80s, 90s. You’ll still hear other genres in my sets, because I like to do a lot of era and genre bending in my mixes.

How do you get the crowd engaged, energized, and in the party spirit?

The starting point is knowing who you're going to play for. Next, scan the room to read the body language of your audience. Then build momentum with the energy of your song selection and tempo. Depending on the type of event, there will be times when getting on the mic is necessary.

Do you take song requests when you play parties/events?

Well, if you ask most DJ's the answer is most likely No. I'll take some, but my priority is to accommodate whoever is paying the bill. If I can work a few requests in, I do.

Where or what type of events do you normally play at?

When I got back into DJing, I decided to be a mobile DJ. I did smaller parties, weddings, retirements and other events. I started my own internet channel to broadcast live. I was asked by Tavaron Marshall if I'd be interested in being a DJ on the internet radio station that he was a manager on.

DJs were the creators and inspiration for breaking new records, has this changed in your opinion?

Yes, it has changed. DJ's use to play a major role in the success of a song/artist. DJs were responsible for a lot of songs becoming hits. Today, everyone is told what's a hit and DJs at clubs and radio are usually told that they must play certain songs or genres. I think if we get back to DJ’s breaking records, listeners will get treated to a lot of good artists that haven’t been heard.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing to be a good DJ?

The most important thing is to be a music lover and to have a knowledge of music history. If you have that combined with a good skill level, you can be a good DJ.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ?

Being able to put a soundtrack to people's memories. Spreading feel good vibes and the enjoyment of playing music. Also, meeting other DJs and hearing they express themselves with music. The beauty is that there is no age limit on being a DJ. Plus, you never have to retire.

Do you have any DJ's that you are inspired by?

Yes. The DJ’s that I’m a fan of and has inspired me are DJ Jazzy Jeff, Mr. Mixx, Magic Mike, Jam Master Jay, Cut Creator, Terminator X and many more. I can’t go without including DJ Immortal, DJ Bounce, DJ Kace and the entire Scratch DJ Academy family.

*Bonus - What are you currently working on?

Right now, most of my focus is on my station, IGRMiami. I’m trying to build a global product that puts DJs at the forefront and with the assistance of people like Tavaron Marshall also a platform that supports independent artist. It takes a lot of time to manage the station and still be an active DJ, but I’m enjoying the ride so far.

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