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Behind The Lens: Lomel


What is the backstory to your name?

Lomel stands for Laws Of Metaphysical Energy Languages. I understand there is a higher energy that we can communicate with. There are different forms of communication. Different languages. This is how things are manifested.

How do you describe or build music for the next generation?

I create music based off of my life and things I go through. I also love motivating through my music. Uplifting people.

Who influenced your career the most?

There is not just one person but if I have to pick. I would say Donell Jones.

Do you produce your music?

I’m learning how to produce but Ian Martinez is my producer. I write all my own lyrics though.

Do you write the lyrics first or create/pick the music first?

Beat is first.

If you weren’t a recording artist what would you be doing?

Motivational Speaking. Uplifting and helping people is my purpose in life. Showing people that anything is possible regardless of what you may have been through.

What are you going to do first when all COVID restrictions are lifted? \

Find a huge crowd to perform in front of.

Would you use or become a ghostwriter?

I write for other artist now. A few of them anyways. I am against letting others write for me. Rapping or singing. It will be my lyrics.

Describe the perfect summer drink?

Water with two ice cubes.

What's your next move and where can people connect with you at?

People can connect with me on all social media Under Lomelsworld. My next move will be freestyle singing and rapping for 48 hours for The Guinness World Record title.

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