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Behind The Lens: Meechy


Where do you like to be for Inspiration?

Usually on the NYC subway train with my headphones in bumping music .... motion of the train creates brain flow for me.

Whose music are you listening/bumping too?

Outside of my own - Babyface Ray, Zachary Durham, Bino Rideaux, Peezy, Russ Millions

Describe your perfect Thanksgiving plate?

Fried chicken, rice & beans, vegan mac n cheese, yams, corn on the cob & some avocados.

What do you want most for Christmas?

Paid trip to Maui with my woman & our dog.

What's your number one scary movie?

Insidious (idk not many movies are truly scary)

Tell us your worst fall/winter experience?

We were driving from NJ to PA this year in January and midway through the woods of PA our car wheels got stuck in the ice. It was pitch dark with not much street lights, feet and hands all wet and frozen trying to manually push the car. We made it though.

Should lyrics be used against people in the courtroom?

No hell no. Music is first and foremost entertainment and should not be taken seriously unless the artist themselves who created the content says so.

Does fear of cancel culture, bad business partnering, or lustful robbery affect the way you move?

Yes, really the last two statements. Bad business and lustful robberies made me move and communicate differently in the music industry especially over the internet. Can't be too willing to work with everyone and/or can't be too intrigued to make any investment or payment over the internet without a proper contract. I've been scammed multiple times in the music industry but never discouraged.

What do you think happened to monkeypox?

Just like everything else, the distraction was no longer needed for something else majorly important to the world. I do believe in it however I feel the scare and overall internet urgency subsided as the media and consumers exaggerate a trend or current event.

When is your next release date or performance, and where can people connect with you?

My next release date will be in November. I don't have a date for it yet but I do know every month will be a new release. Solo show coming soon as well. You can always connect wit me best via Instagram @meechyorg, Spotify @Meechy718 & YouTube @MEECHY718. Discord coming soon!

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