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Behind The Lens: Meechy718 (Part Trois)


Do You Participate In Sport Betting? Did You Make Money Off The Super Bowl?

Na no sports betting for me lol.

What Sport Do You Like The Most & Who Is Your Favorite Team/Player?

Basketball. My favorite team always varies, but my favorite player Lebron.

Is Your Music Generally About One Person, Yourself, or Relatable? What Perspective Do You Write In (1st or 3rd Person)?

Myself in a relatable way. I speak on my stories and upbringing, like minded or people that come from where I come from could relate or just vibe with my music

Does Your Artistry Come From Heartbreak Or A Quest For Love?

It comes from my childhood and growing up. A New York native that no matter where he go he always remember where he come from. 718.

What’s Your Most Favorite Article Of Clothing/Accessories/or Electronic Which You Own?

My favorite article of clothing is my merch @merchbymeechy. Accessories go to my crystal rings opal tooth and soon to be ORG chain.

Which Brand Fits Your Artistry (Clothing, Beverage, Automotive, Luxury)

Stone Island hands down. Shout out EONS, Bravo Brand, Sol Worldwide, 9 Supply, SVG Moss, Sina Life, Riverrr PHX. Those my friends brands.

If You Could Tell Your 15 Year Old Self Something What Would It Be?

You're gonna feel like you don't have a relationship at home cause mom is always hard on you. But that's because you are the youngest and the one she really sees a bright future in. Appreciate the only person who never let you down.

Do You See World War 3 In The Near Future?

That's if we don't become a sea world.

Who Are Your Top Five Favorite Artists?

Right now - Knucks, Babyface Ray, Capital Steez, Kendrick Lamar & Lil Baby.

What's Something You’re Willing Or Already Given Up For The Music Industry & Where Can People Connect With You At?

I had to give up trying to be a community figure in the underground music scenes and focus on myself. Friends that I know hearts wasn't in this life I'm trying to reach. Jobs and consistently getting by money even if it means being broke for a month or two. The best way to connect with me is on Instagram and YouTube. It's mostly where I'm active at. My music on Spotify Tidal Apple.

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