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Behind The Lens: Omoghéné


Do you have a new year’s resolution? If so, what is it? 

A big resolution was to release Love Is A Symphony and I’m grateful for a successful release so I can check that off my list. 

What is your greatest accomplishment thus far? 

 Honestly, my listening event for “Love Is A Symphony”. Each of the 9 tracks on the project is accompanied by an AI Art piece that takes the listener to the symphony and allows them to experience the subject of love that I am discussing in each song. At the listening event, each guest had personal headphones where they were able to listen to the project and view an AI art piece that was inspired by the music as they walked through the exhibit, thus allowing people to experience my music in a brand new way. It is really hard to step out and do something different from the norm. I was so nervous leading up to it as I am sure many artists are when they are getting ready to share anything with the world. I’m glad that the guests enjoyed the experience and I hope that they feel as special as they make me feel each day!

What’s the first song you play which reminds you of heartbreak? 

Track 6: Not Now 

What’s the first song you play which reminds you of love? 

Track 7: Already Mine

Describe the perfect first date?

Something very casual where I can get to know the person. 

Are you the type to get to work early or stay late?

Always early.

What does success mean to you? 

Success is knowing that I stayed true to myself and followed my purpose. 

Where do you want to perform next and where can people connect with you at?

Next I want to open for a major artist. You can join the OmoGang at and following me on all social media platforms @_omoghene.

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