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Behind The Lens: Q Bird (Part Cinq)


Do you have a new year's resolution? If so, what is it? 

I usually don't have specific new year's resolution, this year I really want to finish my poetry book for publishing by the end of the year, do more shoes and as always adding as many streams of income possible.

What is your greatest accomplishment thus far? 

My greatest accomplishment thus far is performing. My elementary memories of performing always circulated making me wonder and wish for another opportunity, I manifested it through some ish talking replying to my friend there was no way I would pay to perform my high skilled personal writings-ironically soon after I received a request to perform with no fee. 

What’s the first song you play which reminds you of heartbreak? 

The first song to remind me of heartbreak is Miguel-Sure Thing. In addition to this being one of the best albums of the decade it triggers the memories of my ex as it was one of our faves and one of the greatest heartbreaks and lessons I experienced. 

What’s the first song you play which reminds you of love? 

Chaka Khan and Rufus-"Ain't Nobody", is my ultimate love song. Between the vibe of joy and funk you feel from the sounds of the band plus the lyrics, it doesn't get any better or clearer than Chaka. 

Describe the perfect first date?

It's funny you asked as I actually did a reply post to the viral "where men shouldn't take women on a first date", check it out on my insta. I would describe the perfect first date, as intimate,safe, and great conversation, closing with the male taking the check.  

Are you going to vote this presidential election year?

For the elections I vote only because of what my ancestor's experienced, but I have no hope for our government until the people rise against it.

Have you ever been hacked by a phishing email, had your identity stolen, or been a victim of digital fraud? 

I haven't ever been hacked via phishing, or identity thief's but I do very little online, honestly I can count on my hand how many online purchased including bills I've ever done.  

Are you the type to get to work early or stay late?

I don't believe in staying late on any wage funded job. I believe in leaving at least a minute before clocking out to ensure you are not overworked by a second, my ancestors put in the work for me.

What does success mean to you? 

To me, success means when emergencies arise, you have or had the funds to mitigate them to the best. Whether health insurance, car insurance, savings, etc-success to me is having the resources for fixable traumas and resources to get through what you cannot fix.

Where do you want to perform next and where can people connect with you at?

I want to perform at Pour House for NC Got Next for TY Harris. People can connect best with me on Instagram. 

Instagram: @quintassentialnotes

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