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Behind The Lens: QBird


What are you leaving behind in 2022?

My goal is to leave behind the inability to let go. The one life we get indicates no chances or redo’s so my goal is always to hold on to acquaintances sometimes despite their negatives as we all have them. I am learning it is okay to let go.

Who is your biggest celebrity crush (career or personality)?

My biggest celebrity crush is Pastor Troy, he seems to exert sincere thug humble energy. His music is classic and deliver’s the energy I hope to exercise in performances, and tracks. He recently returned to his alma mater and had a lit performance for an engaged crowd, while reminding us his first time performing at the same place brought none of the excitement. That really stuck with me.

Did you grow up playing game nights, movie nights, Sunday dinner or music in or around your household?

Growing up we didn’t do many games, but we had them on deck ( no pun intended.). We were big music lovers, and Sunday dinner was often every day. My mom always allowed me to listen to what I wanted while providing the foundation of old school. She would often try to teach me about sampling but I would just think “ she got to be kidding me “ thinking it's no way our rappers would use an old R&B groups anything…then Biggie Smalls dropped Juicy, and that was that.

What made you choose the music industry versus a nine to five?

I chose both the music industry and a 9-5p. New in the music industry I was similar to many others who believed their friends, family, and colleagues would be the biggest supporters, and sharers. After reading many articles, observing the type of support I would receive, and understanding the marketing aspect, I knew I would have to fund even the smallest independent artistry; The silver line is I have complete freedom.

Describe your fans in one word and explain.

To describe my fans in one word it would be my word “Feministic”. My fans understand and know the challenges with being a single, black, independent woman. The adjectives make us the best and worst simultaneously. While most want to be us, and want what we have, our features, often not our skin or hair, but our rhythm, shapes, styles and swag. I say “they love to sell it but hate when the actual owner’s advertise it.” I rap on behalf of Women like me and my brother’s.

What's your most quotable lyric?

My most quotable lyric I would say is “He treat me like his BM but he know that I aint kidding”. There’s so many honestly but that’s a good one that is straight to the point. In this era a BM is much like a Wife.

What has been your worst experience in the music industry?

My worst experience in the industry is simply laying a tract, between schedules, producers preferences to only use their music, and getting on the same page about ownership. I like to move with the economy, what’s popular, and quick as I am just starting and don’t feel like initially coming with my own music will necessarily grab attention. I argue with producers about covers often as they feel we can’t make money off covers, but I feel like gaining followers, likes, and attention has value too.

Do you think you need more copyrights to your music or should it be free for sampling?

I think I would need copy rights for my music, I’m a lyricist, a metaphorically brilliant one, and worry about my lyrics more than anything. I would definitely want my lyrics protected. My fear of theft of ideas, and lyrics is high, but honestly I am not too knowledgeable on how to protect it exactly.

What is missing from the arts in your hometown/city?

As far as my hometown, being a Raleigh native, what I feel like is missing are places to perform. Often seems like a money grab, we barely have anywhere to go or to perform without a door fee. Being a marketing and financial professional I’m confident there’s a better way and natives should be treated with higher status, our people built this city…and minds did literally.

What project do you have out right now that potential fans should listen to and where can people connect with you?

Right now, I am working on my EP Feministic. My music is on SoundCloud or any streaming platform. Connect with me on Instagram; one of my favorite platforms aside from SnapChat.

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