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Behind The Lens: QBird (Part Trois)


What’s one thing the next generation needs to know?

The next generation (Gen Z) needs to know about the reality of independence. Many millennials in our culture thrived off assistance that began in our parents' generation, and subsequently many Gen Z's live in a delusion of real expenses as they have no representation. They think they can afford certain luxuries ignorant of their assistance, and the responsibilities with living independently.

What would you want AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do for you?

I remember a college a professor asked "how to stop discrimination in the workplace?; this was almost a decade before AI and I suggested technology because it can't be bias. I believe that's the only thing it's good for as long as it's configured correctly we could possibly block the stereotypical, financial, nepotismic, and racial bias burdening applicants across sectors.

How would you describe the sound for this decade?

I would describe the sound for the decade to be instrumental trap, listeners are into audio that is more instrumental with a knocking base line, it's all about the beat.

Which producer, artist, or visual designer is catching your attention and you would like to work with?

I would love to work with Kanye, his artistry and producing is unmatched. I would love to become successful at many talents while keeping my self respect and respect for my people.

Pick one and why: Restaurant, Diner, or Homemade.

I pick restaurant because I mainly cook, and I love the idea of being taken out. That really keeps my cooking cycle on a roll.

What spot do you love to eat at in your city?

I eat at Bad Daddys for a quick bite. I'm really interested in trying Romeos Vegan though.

What does Pride mean to you?

To me pride means not sacrificing your character, and beliefs depending on the audience.

What does Juneteenth mean to you?

To me juneteenth is proof of corruption and risk in social inequality gaps, and the celebration of the truth about Black History beginning to come the truth always does.

Describe the people from your inner circle.

The people in my inner circle in order of importance are my mom, my hittie kitties (my homegirls), and the artist in my network.

Are you ready for summer? Any upcoming heat for fans, and where can people connect with you?

I am ready for summer, I always got something brewing No Sweat aka Bitch A** Ni*** a feministic vibe right now, Im letting it build and stretch with a bunch of fun promo work and performances till fall. Keep up with me on my Instagram @quintassentialnotes.

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