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Behind The Lens: Qua Hunned (Part Duex)


What’s one thing the next generation needs to know?

Depending on people can be your biggest downfall, but at the same time your biggest come up. Never give up.

What would you want AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do for you?

Post my pictures. Lol

How would you describe the sound for this decade?

Music in our decade has changed frequently and frequently. As an artist I push to stay in my lane no matter what’s going on outside.

Which producer, artist, or visual designer is catching your attention and you would like to work with?

ATL VISUALS, one of the dopest photographers coming out Atlanta.

Pick one and why: Restaurant, Diner, or Homemade

Nun like a good ass homemade meal, keep the fast food honestly.

What spot do you love to eat at in your city?

Coming from a small town like I do we ain’t have many choices, but if it came down to the growls, I’ll have to sit down at sunrise biscuits, Henderson NC.

What does Pride mean to you?

Standing up for what you know is right by YOU.

What does Juneteenth mean to you?

Juneteenth A day where we come in together as one. Not many holidays do we have where we're truly United.

Describe the people from your inner circle.


Are you ready for summer? Any upcoming heat for fans, and where can people connect with you?

I’ll be ready for what ever god has in place for us brutha. Find Qua Hunned’s instagram @Quahunned YouTube @Quahunned. We as a team at Hunned Entertainment appreciate and thank CEL Network for the time!

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