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Behind The Lens: TOB Duke


How do you handle the toxic people on social media?

I really don’t deal with it, because if they on some toxic shit, that's just them.

What holiday in your lifetime has been most memorable to you?

Most memorable holiday to me has been Halloween

Describe the emotion your music brings in one word and why?

I would say my music is motivational/uplifting because I'm rapping about everything I went through. Mostly everyone that has listened to my music has been through what I’ve been through, just in their own way.

How do you or your music show support to the LGBTQ+ community?

No matter what, I’m not really lookin at what people think about themselves or what other people think of each other. My music is for everyone and I want it to bring people together.

Who is your current biggest influence?

Currently, my biggest influence is Rod Wave.

What is your ideal venue to perform in (Stadium, Club, Festival, Live Stream From Home)? Where in the world do you want to perform next?

I wanna perform in the biggest stadiums around the world because I hold high expectations for myself. At some point in my career, I want to perform in Africa with Davido.

How would you describe your apparel or style?

I would say my style is just me. It's like a passed down style from my dad, kind of like alternative street wear.

How would you describe your current genre and what other genres would you like to collaborate with?

What I do now is like a soulful/hip-hop kind of vibe. I would like to get more into the Indie genre because that's what I came up off of with the guitar/string sound in "Spaceship”.

What TV shows are you a huge fan of and why?

I like Stranger Things and I like the Sopranos because "Stranger Things are kids going against the government with secret abilities, which is fire to me and for Sopranos, I like how Tony Soprano looks in the show, his whole character.

Do you have any exclusive records you can release with CEL and where can people connect with you?

People can reach me on Discord called TOBDuke Discord, as well as Instagram: tobduke and Twitter: tobduke1.

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