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Behind The Lens: Tyke T


What is the backstory to your name?

My grandma gave me the nickname of "Tyke” and it’s been a name that stuck with me forever. Nobody called me by my real name growing up, it was always “What’s up Tyke” .. So when I was picking out my name, I thought it would be dope just to keep it. I added the “T” at the end of Tyke to pay homage to all of the rappers before me with the single letters at the end of their name; ie, Master P, Heavy D, etc... so that’s how I got to Tyke T .

How do you describe or build music for the next generation?

I right a ton of music about motivation and never stop going after your dreams. I hope the next generation who hears my music can use me as a source of motivation when sh*t get’s tough so they can push through and keep going.

Who influenced your career the most?

My brother and Master P (). Growing up my brother was a DJ, so when he would leave for class, I would sneak into the back room and make my own mixes and mess with the DJ equipment. He would bring in all of the no-limit music and I just got a huge admiration for Master P. As I’ve grown up, I’ve studied his moves and how he moved independently. Huge motivation.

Do you produce your music?

I write all of my music. As far as producing, I’ll either beat box and idea and send it to a producer or have them send me something they’ve already made and write to that.

Do you write the lyrics first or create/pick the music first?

I voice memo myself freestyling first. This just basically allows me to catch a melody. I then come back and write the lyrics in that melody.

If you weren’t a recording artist what would you be doing?

Sports commentator. I’m a huge sports guy.

What are you going to do first when all COVID restrictions are lifted?

Go to Jamaica. I gotta get back ASAP.

Would you use or become a ghostwriter?

I would never use a ghostwriter. If I had someone write a song for me, I would tell you and make sure they got their proper credit. Music is about creating the best product. When I went to the Grammys and saw the list of people that are listed as writers on some of your favorite hip hop artists records, it opened my eyes. Just make the best music, all that other stuff doesn’t matter.

Describe the perfect summer drink?

Man at this point, anything lol. It’s been a crazy year, so just drink and vibe this summer!

What's your next move and where can people connect with you at?

The next thing I’m working on is a project where I’m writing all of the songs and enlisting some of my favorite artists to sing these records. The album will have gospel, R&b, new age trap R&b, funk, blues and more. I’m excited to showcase my pen game, and tap into my Quincy Jones Level! If you’re looking for me text 901-295-3058 or follow me on social media (Instagram @Tyke__T, Facebook @DrivenTykeT)

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