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Beyoncé Bares Ass In Leather Chaps, 'Cowboy Carter' Promo Going Strong

Source: TMZ


Beyoncé is still on her victory lap after her newest album -- and still very much in promo mode ... evident in the fact she's giving the people what they want ... leather booty shots.

The pop star posted new pics to Instagram Sunday -- and while the Met Gala might be top of mind for many in the fashion world today ... Bey made a fashion statement of her own here, rocking leather chaps with her ass on display thanks to a thong bodysuit underneath.

It seems Beyoncé was going for the American icon look, 'cause her caption invoked Lady Liberty herself -- writing, "Going to tell my grandkids this was the Statue of Liberty."

Like we said, the whole getup is eye-popping. You got Bey going with the grey motif -- with a body-hugging leotard that's partially covered up by the chaps and a fur coat. Of course, she's also sporting a cool cowboy hat ... and some aviator shades to pull it all together too.

Even her accessory game was top-notch ... with her nails featuring the American flag colors ... and some blinged-out rings on her pointer finger. On each front, she looked fabulous.

Of course, this comes a few weeks after Bey dropped 'Cowboy Carter' -- which took the music world by storm, and which has been performing very well on DSPs and the charts.

It peaked at #1, was #2 last week and is currently sitting at #3 -- so by every measure, an absolute success. Plus, we're getting more Beyoncé music, plus more looks ... a win-win.

With her stylish 'fit here -- ya gotta wonder if she's hitting the Met today ... 'cause she's low-key already upstaging the talent that'll walk the carpet later. Keep your eyes peeled, y'all.

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