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BTS RM's Second Solo Album "Right Place, Wrong Person" Out Now!

Written By: Big C


RM of 21st century pop icons BTS has released his second solo album, Right Place, Wrong Person. This highly anticipated album dives deep into RM's personal journey, exploring themes of identity and belonging. With his distinct sensibility and aesthetics, RM (Kim Namjoon) offers a raw and honest portrayal of moments when one feels out of place. This album marks his return after a year and five months since Indigo, showcasing his evolution as both an artist and individual. Lost!, the lead single, is an alternative pop track that narrates the story of feeling lost but finding solace in companionship. The music video for "LOST!" directed by Aube Perrie, adds a cinematic layer to the song, illustrating RM's journey through surreal settings that mirror his inner struggles.

Collaborators on Right Place, Wrong Person include the American jazz duo DOMi & JD BECK, OHHYUK from HYUKOH, and Kuo from Sunset Rollercoaster. RM's introspection is palpable throughout the album, which features 11 tracks including collaborations with notable artists like Little Simz, Moses Sumney, and Kim Hanjoo from Silica Gel. These artists contribute to the album’s rich, eclectic sound. Experience the full depth of RM's artistic vision by listening to Right Place, Wrong Person and watching the music video for "LOST!" below. Listen to the full album here and keep up with BTS on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (X).

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