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Busta Rhymes Orders Crowd To Pocket Phones Due To Low Energy At Concert

Source: TMZ


Busta Rhymes ain't about to stomach Hollywood-type crowds at his performance -- even if the gig happens to be in the Hollywood Hills!!!

That was the plotline when Dwyane Wade and cannabis co. Jeeter recruited Bussa Bus to perform at the after-party of their 420 "High Dining" event ... and while he was trying to do his duty, he wasn't getting high vibes from the crowd.

Basically, the audience wasn't giving Busta the energy he felt his classic tune "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" deserved -- so, he cut the music and told the onlookers to get their minds right.

Busta says he, along with Spliff Star and DJ Scratchator, have been ripping mics since childhood, and he'll be damned if anyone doesn't respect his hip hop hierarchy!!!

The audience woke up for take 2, and Busta wooed the fans before getting a surprise of his own -- Team Jeeter crafted a new cannabis strain in Busta's honor, adding him to the family alongside D. Wade.

The Dungeon Dragon already spits fire ... now he has the smoke to match!!!

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