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Cam'ron Disses Anthony Edwards In Freestyle After Commercial Callout

Source: TMZ


Cam'ron just returned fire after Anthony Edwards called out the New York rapper in his latest Adidas commercial ... going OFF on the Timberwolves superstar in a scathing freestyle.

The 22-year-old guard -- who signed with Adidas after turning pro -- released an ad shortly after Minnesota was eliminated from the playoffs last week ... where he clapped back at the people who criticized him by sharing, quite literally, receipts.

One of the naysayers mentioned was Cam'ron ... who said on his "It Is What It Is" podcast that Edwards wasn't a superstar yet.

Cam got wind of his role in the commercial and responded on Monday with a diss over Black Rob's iconic "Whoa" beat ... all while wearing a Luka Doncic jersey.

"F*** wrong with Ant Man?! Gave him his props, homie got love from me. New commercial, y'all ain't got love for me? He shot a jump shot and said f*** buddy, the receipt reader lookin' like a f*** buddy!" Killa Cam said on the track.

The Harlem rapper continued to go off on AE ... mentioning how Kyrie Irving, Doncic, and the Dallas Mavs sent his team packing -- on their own homecourt, no less -- in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.

Cam also took shots at Adidas ... blaming the shoe giant for its role in the new beef.

"Y'all think y'all got the b-ball version of Kanye. C'mon stop it dude, y'all just stopping through. He do something y'all don't like, y'all drop him too," Cam said.

Remember, Adidas cut ties with Kanye West after his antisemitic remarks in 2022.

Cam's surprise freestyle has fans going crazy ... with one even joking the song is a sign the Mavs will win the NBA Finals.

Given how this has played out so far, we take it Ant will respond.

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