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Cardi B Shares Raunchy Clip From VMAs, Pretends To Bang Offset In Bathroom

Source: TMZ


Cardi B and Offset couldn't keep their hands off of each other at the MTV VMAs, and decided to make a sex tape -- a fake one, anyway -- during a bathroom break at the venue.

The couple got their bump n' grind on in a restroom at Tuesday night's event -- they were fully clothed, but pretending to have sex with Cardi bent over and making some pretty wild sounds ... as she recorded the moment for posterity.

Sounds like a friend outside the bathroom was looking for a phone charger, and through her moans ... Cardi tells the woman to come in and get hers! Offset was all smiles during the funny moment, while their pal reluctantly walked into the room, making Cardi laugh.

If you're wondering what got them in the mood -- they don't exactly need one, but it's worth noting Cardi was in the outfit she wore for her performance of "Bongos" with Megan Thee Stallion. Safe to assume ... Offset was feeling her 'fit!

Of course, we've seen the couple get nasty before -- she was twerking on him in Vegas at the end of July while enjoying their pool, and she posted that clip the same day she was named a suspect in the now-dropped microphone-throwing case.

BTW, Cardi was up for Best Hip Hop at the VMAs for "Tomorrow 2," her collab with GloRilla, but they didn't win.

We're sure she was feelin' like a winner in the bathroom, though!

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