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#ComingUp: Omoghéné's AI Creativity Is Building Off The Latest EP "Love Is A Symphony"

Written By: Big C


Unique like her name, Omoghéné is a well educated artist with a passion for creativity. Omoghéné makes music to expand the tasteful palette of every new fan she encounters. With the release of Love Is A Symphony, the nine track project has a sensual tough love built off the gospel upbringing and roots as a Nigerian-American. Taking her production value to another level, each song featured an original crafted AI track art. In an interview with GQ South Africa, Omoghéné had to say:

GQ: Can you tell us more about the AI art pieces accompanying each song? How do they enhance the listening experience?
Omoghéné: I didn't want people to just hear my music, but to experience it. Each of the 9 tracks has an AI Digital Art piece attached to it that takes the listener into the Symphony to experience the subject of love that I am discussing on each track. AI has given artists an opportunity to share their music in a unique way and to tell stories about what they have written. AI is going to change the music landscape in the next few years (just as technology always has in the past few decades), and I hope artists can grab hold of this opportunity.

The Urhobo name “Omoghéné” is translated in English as “God’s Child." This spiritual influence has been the driving force behind her eclectic sound, vocal versatility, and bubbly personality. Omoghéné is on a mission to create thought provoking music and empower all independent artists. With role models like Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, and Jessie J, Omoghéné has the ability to blend Neo-Soul, R&B, and a Pop twist. Stream your copy of the album here and check out the entire interview with GQ. Watch the official video for Face Me below and connect with Omoghéné on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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