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Dive & Dance In MYRNE Visuals For "Freefall" Feat. Joyia

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Jared Rezel

Inspired by the deep and sensual progressive house music he loved in his youth, MYRNE came onto Freefall in a state of unwinding. He dives headfirst with a thrilling iteration of dance music that feels both bold and familiar. A buzzy low-end takes form as an intoxicating beat indebted to French house, just before euphoric synths make their way into the forefront with vocals by Joyia. She is empowered by her jazz, R&B, and soul background to blend into the trancelike club music. By the second half of this odyssey, you’re plunged into a galactic EDM drop that sums up the emotional resonance that MYRNE always brings to the table. Citing long-running record labels like Anjunadeep and Enhanced, this collab with Astralwerks is only the beginning to his ideas. Watch the official video below and keep up with MYRNE on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook , TikTok, and YouTube. Stream your copy of the single here.

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