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Doja Cat Curses Out Parents: 'Leave Your Kids At Home MF'

Source: TMZ


Doja Cat is fuming about parents who have the nerve to bring kids to her concerts, and then complain about what they see -- after all, she has a hit entitled "Wet Vagina" for cryin' out loud!!!

On Friday, Doja used equally colorful language while lashing out at adults who, apparently, can't find able-bodied babysitters.

It's unclear what exactly set her off, but her recent Coachella performances back up her rant.

Doja bumped and grinded across a muddy stage wearing nothing but lingerie, and made no apologies for p-popping in full view of cameras and her front-row fans.

Of course, all this fuss could also be a shock marketing ploy for her "Scarlet" tour, which is set to hit Europe this summer, but her anger sounds legit.

No doubt, you're gonna get people's attention, Doja, when ya start referring to their kids as "mistakes" and all. 😳

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