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"Don't Judge Me" Says BlueBucksClan

Updated: May 21, 2021

Photo Credit: Louie Knows

There isn't much chit chat and banter with BlueBucksClan. Blue hundreds are the only things to really worry about and BlueBucksClan is saying Don't Judge Me. Directed by Tevo Laron, this visual takes place in a luxe mansion. BlueBucksClan take over and are surrounded by scantily clad associates. The dynamic duo of DJ and Jeeezy, basks in the glory of their meteoric rise by shooting stacks of cash through basketball hoops, sinking into leather chairs, and enjoying the show that unfolds around them. The track is produced by BlueBucksClanslongtime collaborators Ten11, and AyyMook, in addition to Michigan’s Energy Beats. Stream the latest project here and check out the official video below.

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