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Drake Reveals 21 Savage Got A Green Card, Can Travel Outside United States

Source: TMZ


21 Savage is a prisoner to the borders of the United States no more -- he's got a Green Card after a years-long immigration battle -- according to his buddy, Drake.

Drake just dropped his song "8AM in Charlotte" where he makes the stunning reveal, rapping, "Savage got a green card straight out of the consulate. Where I go, you go, brother, we Yugoslavian."

The timing of the announcement is certainly interesting considering Drake and 21 have two shows scheduled in Drake's home of Toronto, Canada this weekend.

21 hasn't been able to attend any of the tour stops outside of The United States because of his immigration status ... but with a Green Card, it's now possible for him to leave the country.

As we reported, it was way back in 2019 when 21 was detained by ICE officials and the world learned the rapper was actually from the UK, and had been living in the U.S. illegally for years after his Visa expired. Authorities claimed during that arrest, 21 also tossed a bottle of codeine, and a handgun was found in his vehicle -- further complicating his situation.

In fact, it was the criminal case that then delayed his immigration case as everything got backed up during the pandemic.

We called the Dekalb Co. Clerk, where 21's immigration case was held ... who told us the case was closed.

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