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Eloise Viola Is "Delicate" With The Release Of Her Debut Album "Glasshouse"

Updated: Feb 23

Written By: Big C


Eloise Viola has announced her debut album Glasshouse out May 10th 2024. The featherlight, Robyn-esque single Delicate, holds a special place in her heart. Written during a particularly low point, it helped her see sense. Created during writing trips to LA and Nashville, Eloise questioned whether the grind of the music industry was really worth it. But after laying down these thoughts in Delicate she came back feeling rejuvenated, which is reflected in its bright synth pop chorus of sparkling clarity. Elosie said:

This song is so important to me because its creation inspired me to keep going. It's a message to myself. I know what I'm like – when something bad happens I just retreat immediately, and now because I know myself so well, I can now see that happening and it's a reminder that you have to tell people when you're feeling delicate.

Eloise Viola’s debut album Glasshouse is a passionate pop record from the London-based singer, songwriter and vocal powerhouse which shares her messages of self-love, self-empowerment and hard-won independent strength. It's thirteen songs chart Eloise Viola's journey from battles with body issues, mental health and loss of confidence, through to the strong, powerful woman she is today, keen to pass on what she's learned along the way. Glasshouse is available to pre-order digitally here and on vinyl here. Connect with Elosie Viola on X, Instagram, and Facebook. Listen to the official audio below.

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