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Embark On A Musical Odyssey In "Miles & Miles" With Rae Isla

Written By: Big C


In a digital age saturated with musical releases, singer-songwriter Rae Isla stands out with her deeply personal and innovative approach to storytelling. Her latest single, Miles & Miles, serves as a testament to her ability to weave introspection into captivating melodies. Isla's talent shines through as she shares her cross-country journey, translating the hum of the highway into poignant lyrics and haunting melodies. With the upcoming release of her album New Frontier," Isla continues to push boundaries and redefine the indie music scene.

Quoting Rae Isla, she shares her inspiration behind the record as:

I drove 2,868 miles across the country during the pandemic from Brooklyn to Seattle... Through my Westward journey, I witnessed people's strength and it reminded me of my own. Music is digital so why not immerse it as deeply as we can in a digital space!

Rae Isla's collaboration with guitarist/composer Pablo Valero and her independent spirit shine through in "Miles and Miles." The song's production captures the essence of Isla's journey, blending raw emotion with a contemporary edge. As Isla prepares for live performances in Nashville, TN, and Los Angeles, CA, fans have the opportunity to experience her music streaming here. Join Isla on her musical odyssey and immerse yourself in the world of "Miles and Miles" by listening to the single below and playing the accompanying browser game here. Besure to follow Rae Isla on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE.

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