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Emeline Doesn't Stress One Out Of "99 Boys"

Written BY: Big C


Emeline is bringing to life a movement of her own. As homage to Nena's new wave smash 99 Luftballons, the brand new 99 Boys updated the 1983 classic for the modern era. Breaking down the chokehold of toxic male behavior, Emeline turns this track into a thrilling kiss-off to all the thoughtless boys she views as interchangeable. Emeline spoke on the single:

“99 boys” feels like the moment you realize the ick has overpowered any feelings that once were there. We all get screwed over and blinded by love sometimes, but I hope this song can feel like the moment you laugh about the guy with your friends instead of having to cry about him. I also definitely unintentionally described all of my male exes in this hook, but it’s all love to the ones who didn’t do me dirty… I still love hazel eyes.

Co-written by Emeline and Robert Reznick, and co-produced by Mike Wise and Robert Reznik, the track opens on a hypnotically stripped-back intro before bursting into a cascade of hard-hitting rhythms — then boldly spins off into its own exquisite atmosphere. With her signature mix of raw emotion and spellbinding self-possession, Emeline is an essential new voice for all those navigating the minefield of sex and love in the modern world. Stream your copy of the single here and listen to the official audio below. Be sure to follow Emeline at Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

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