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Former Detective Testifies Tupac Shakur-Biggie Smalls Murders Are Connected

Source: TMZ


Tupac Shakur's fatal 1996 shooting was related to the murder of fellow rapper Biggie Smalls the following year, according to grand jury testimony from a former detective.

Retired Las Vegas Metro Police Detective Clifford Mugg testified before the Clark County grand jury in the Tupac case last month after the recent arrest of Duane "Keefe D" Davis for the hip hop star's murder, CNN reported.

Mugg, one of the investigators in the Tupac case, testified people "associated with both murders were involved," adding that the “theory was accurate that they were related.”

He didn't reveal the theory but admitted there were different assailants in each attack, giving Davis a pass on the Biggie murder.

Prosecutor Marc DiGiacomo asked, “When you say they were related, you’re not saying perpetrated by the same individuals?” Mogg replied, “That’s correct.” Davis was busted in late September and charged with Tupac's murder.

Mogg testified Davis talked his way right into jail by granting so many interviews over the years and talking openly about his alleged involvement in the Tupac murder. Davis was only speaking out to get paid for the salacious story, according to Mogg's testimony.

Shakur was shot to death in a vehicle driven by then-Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight while they were in Vegas for a boxing match in September 1996. Suge was wounded, but survived.

In March 1997, Smalls was killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles.

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