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Freddie Gibbs Had Best Verse On Kanye West's 'Vultures' According To 'Joe Budden Podcast'

Source: TMZ


"The Joe Budden Podcast" argued Kanye West's rapping on his "Vultures 1" album left a lot to be desired ... but all the guest rappers stole the show in their opinion, especially Freddie Gibbs!!!

On episode 699 "TherapIsh," Joe Budden dinged Ye's performances on the entire project by calling his efforts "bad, bad rapping" ... but he and the 'JBP' crew were unanimously impressed with Freddie's contribution on the track "Back To Me."

They crowned Freddie's verse the best out of the bunch on the album but feel everyone pretty much did their thing lyrically 'cept for Ye ... at least his beats were on point!!!

Despite the mixed reviews, the album still has buzz in the streets. On Thursday, Freddie posted a vid of himself in Italy ahead of tonight's listening sesh inside the Milan Forum ... and the album still is sitting pretty at #1 on the Billboard Albums chart.

The album's expected to duplicate its top billing next week ... it's the ish that makes rap rivals mad!!!

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