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G Herbo Warns Fans Not To Ask For Pics When He's With His Kids

Source: TMZ


G Herbo is issuing a stern PSA after an encounter with a fan rubbed him the wrong way -- so, he's putting everyone on notice ... daddy duties top being a celeb any day of the week!!!

The Chicago-born rap star was in an airport Tuesday when he decided to drop a vid ... one that very accurately conveyed his agitation.

Herbo explained he constantly gets bombarded with photo requests in airports while he's carrying his kids, most of the time he's moving with his hands full and it's really grinding his gears!

He says the love for his career is appreciated, but fans need to exercise common sense -- if he's on family time, give him the nod and keep it moving.

Herbo is a father of 3 and many fans understood where he was coming from, but many also threw out the old argument that the added attention comes along with his celebrity lifestyle.

We've seen the downside of overeager fans -- remember Tom Hanks had to use his outside voice when wife Rita Wilson got swarmed to the point of discomfort. And, as we've been reporting, artists getting pelted with objects on stage has become a trend.

Herbo's just trying to ensure the safety of his family ... can't be mad at that.

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