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Heartache Finds Love Through "Poetic Pain" By Toosii


Letting loose and giving your all into one person feels like you have the world in your hands. Giving every ounce of his heart through his pen, Toosii has found a way to bring gangster love to life. With rumors of a project on the way, his latest single Poetic Pain, soothes the soul. Toosii says:

I was on live with the fans and they liked the beat I was playing, so I had them tell me what the beat made them feel, and we made the song from there.... I really just love making music, so all I ever do is record

Speaking on the drive and pursuit of rebuilding heart with a loved one, We find Toosii reminiscing on unforgettable moments. We have yet to get a release date of Poetic Pain. Until then Platinum Heart is gaining more attention with a Summer Walker remix on the single Love Cycle. NORATCHETSS takes a great direction to showcase the relationship. Get your copy of the single here. Watch the North Carolina bred artist in the official video below.

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