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"How Do You Make It Look So Easy" Wonders Arctic Lake

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Adriano D’Astolto

Get ready for the deluxe version of How Do You Make It Look So Easy. When most feel the tension and struggles of life, others have the ability to superseded the negative sentiment.

Arctic Lake delivers the deluxe edition of the critically acclaimed EP, featuring four new recordings. Vocalist Emma Foster and multi-instrumentalist/producer Paul Holliman  unveiled the enchanting title track which inspired the essence of the entire EP. Sharing the story behind the song, Emma Foster recalls:

Our friend was going through a really traumatic time with a relationship and it was all I could think and write about. Just before we entered the session that day, she sent the voice note that’s embedded into the song. ‘How Do You Make It Look So Easy?’ is written from her perspective. Watching someone who dismantled you move on easily while you’re still reattaching the pieces they stole. The song has also come to encompass the feeling that we think a lot of us share in this digital age - how the hell are they all making it look so easy…

Glistening with a bright, electronic-infused pop, “How Do You Make It Look So Easy?” is melodically layered with a mystical sonic energy. Arctic Lake continues to bring an enchanting soundscape landing them on the cover of the Pop Somber playlist. As media outlets gain traction keep up with Arctic Lake and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Stream your copy of the single here and watch the official visualizer below.

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