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JEMS Unveils Fiery Anthem "Smoking Gun"

Written By: Big C


As JEMS prepares to release their sophomore album, Back Around, in June 2024, "Smoking Gun" serves as a tantalizing preview of the trio's evolution and musical exploration. The Indie folk trio JEMS ignites the airwaves with their latest single which is a sardonic bop that delves into the complexities of a romance gone awry. With vintage vibes and psychedelic undertones, the track exudes a fiery energy that captures listeners' attention from the first note. Jem's recite lyrics like:

I could feel the electrical current coming from miles away. Yeah I know you’ve been talking shit, but are you gonna say it to my face?

JEMS channels their serendipitous beginnings and cross-country adventures into a song that brims with raw emotion and infectious energy. Through their harmonious convergence of warm blends and soulful timbres, JEMS creates a sound that is uniquely their own, captivating audiences with each performance. With anticipation mounting and excitement building, "Back Around" is poised to be JEMS' most promising acts yet. Enjoy the electrifying energy of below and stream your copy here.

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