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Jim Jones Not Charged In Airport Brawl, Cops Say Video Backs Self-Defense

Source: TMZ


Jim Jones' wild airport royal rumble made for plenty of bumps and bruises, but it won't be a stain on anyone's criminal record -- no one involved wants to press charges, and cops are backing Jim's version of events.

TMZ Hip Hop broke the story ... the Dipset rapper got into a 2-on-1 tussle on an escalator at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and the scene resembled a WWE brawl spilling outside the ring!!!

According to the police report, Jones told officers the altercation started when he stood up to collect his belongings from the first class overhead compartment as the plane landed, but before it came to a complete stop. He claims that prompted a fellow passenger, James Dos Santos, to confront him and push him in the chest.

Jim says he grabbed Dos Santos' arm, gave him a stern warning and Dos Santos quickly apologized.

However, Jim told cops another guy, Alexander Lekht, also got involved by screaming at him from a different seat. Deputies were apparently called to the gate, but Jim declined to report the incident and headed to baggage claim.

According to the report, Lekht continued to follow and antagonize Jim and attempted to make him flinch with a sudden movement ... to which Jim didn't react.

The hijinks continued when they got on the escalator -- the report says Lekht made a "second jerk motion" at Jim, leading the Harlemite to grab and detain Lekht until deputies could get to the scene.

Mind you, the video shows the detaining only happened after Jim had picked up Lekht and tossed him down the escalator.

Jones says Lekht then began swinging wild punches, and he turned around to find Dos Santos also throwing punches at him -- all backed up in our video of the fight.

Cops say airport surveillance video backed up what Jim told them about the incident.

Another man, 94-year-old James Jackson got caught in the whirlwind and had to be transported to Broward General Hospital for leg pain.

Cops say Lekht wound up with bloody lacerations from his head meeting the escalator during the brawl, and he also went to the hospital.

Jim emerged with purplish bruising underneath his right eye, and even though the video shows the other guys started everything ... he wasn't interested in pressing charges.

JJ looked totally unbothered in pics he posted of himself later out and about in Miami.

All his time in the gym paid off when he needed it most!!!

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