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Joseph Black Returns With "See You Later"


Joseph Black is a newcomer to the industry willing to show you the rawness of his life. Since dealing with a tougher background than most, Joseph stays focused on leaving his emotions on each track he brings to fans. As a follow up to his single (I Hope You) Miss Me, Joseph tours the construction yard in See You Later. Joseph said:

Because of a constant paranoia that everyone is out to get me, it’s rare I let anybody get close to me. When I met her, I fell in love and let myself be vulnerable. I could have treated her better and maybe she would have stuck around. I made this song for her. I’m big on manifestations so I put this song together hoping she understands the way I really felt.

Joseph Black is creating emotional and raw music derived straight from his life and chaotic upbringing. His sound is melodic rap music narrated through his youthful eyes. Joseph Black is on the verge of a breakout and has many more stories to tell through his music. Follow Joseph on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and SoundCloud. Watch the official video below.

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