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Kanye West Can't Be Canceled According To Fellow Celebs

Source: TMZ


Kanye West is free to spew antisemitic hate because at this point it's safe to say he will never be canceled ... at least that's the feeling among some people in entertainment.

As part of our new documentary on Kanye -- premiering Monday at 9/8c on FOX -- we asked Bill Maher, The Game and Angela Yee if cancel culture will ever come for Ye ... and the answer is a resounding "NO" -- for several reasons.

Bill says the Angel of Death seems to simply pass over Kanye's house ... pun intended .. because others in Hollywood have had their careers derailed for much less egregious behavior.

The Game says it's all about Kanye's mentality ... telling us Ye doesn't fear cancel culture and thus can't fall victim ... no matter what he says, about Jewish people or otherwise.

For Angela, Kanye's already blown way past the line in the sand and at this point he would have to do something truly horrific, like committing a crime for example, to truly be canceled.

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