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Keezah & Kayvo Releases Heartfelt “Greigleaf 2” Project


The collaborated efforts of Keezah and Kayvo, come together too bring a trap drum and gritty lyrical progress. Greigleaf 2 brings different perspectives thus creating balance and cohesiveness within the project. The nine track production is jammed pack with producers like Sparkheem, Manyvelli, Johnny Harbaigo, and Spizzle. The tag team says:

The purpose of this project is to shed light on both sides of the neighborhood that we grew up in from our narratives, Growing up, it was a lot of trails we had to overcome to get where we currently act.

Greigleaf 2 is available to stream on all digital streaming platforms. Keezah and Kayvo worked really hard to bring to fans so leave a comment below. Follow Follow Keezah and Kayvo on Instagram and download the project here. Listen to the official video below.

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