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Keyshia Cole Reacts To BF Hunxho Dropping Collab With His Ex Gloss Up

Source: TMZ


Keyshia Cole's been official with rapper Hunxho for a couple of weeks, but it looks like their relationship's hit the skids -- now that his ex-GF appears to be creeping back into the picture.

Hunxho just got up-and-close and personal with his ex, and fellow rapper, Gloss Up for a new track ... and Keyshia isn't taking the news well.

Gloss dropped her new EP "Not Ya Girl: Act 1" on Friday, complete with a music vid for the Hunxho-featured single "Come Here" -- a booty call anthem that showed both Gloss and Hunxho playing out the scenes, which include a soapy and steamy bathtub!!!

The rollout caused some contention ... Keyshia downplayed the vid at first, noting it was shot before she and "Xho," as she affectionally calls him, first hooked up.

Gloss poured hot tea on her comments by claiming Hunxho was with her last night, and Keyshia wouldn't stop calling him.

Funny enough, Hunxcho raps on the new track, "She blowin' my phone / I turn it off because this s*** getting annoying."

Keyshia deleted her IG for a quick sec but eventually came back to wish Gloss the absolute best going forward -- so, she's, at least publicly, trying to take the high road.

Gloss said she was biting her tongue so she wouldn't disrespect her elder, but just had to add she had Hunxho first. Nasty work!

Hunxho posted a pic of him and Keyshia on FaceTime together, which certainly makes it seem like all's good between them.

It's unclear when the image was taken, but it might be too early for the relatively new lovebirds to let it go just yet!!!

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