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Kississippi's Catchy Break-Up Anthem "Last Time"

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Brooke Marsh

Sometimes things break to make room for peace. Kississippi delivers the lead single off her upcoming EP called Last Time. The brand new single is an irresistibly catchy summer breakup anthem that sets the tone for the upcoming collection. The EP showcases Kississippi’s evolution as an artist, blending heart-wrenching punky pop with splashy, striking production and evocative vocals. It's safe to say the Philadelphia-based indie pop artist Kississippi is back with damned if i do it for you. Zoe Reynolds explains:

"We wrote 'Last Time' after a painful encounter with an ex at a gig. It’s a playful, defiant goodbye that demands to be looped by the listener. It’s about realizing someone you love has moved on and the irony of having to do it live, in front of an audience.

This quote underscores the emotional connection of the track, making it a standout addition to her growing discography. The EP, produced by Andy Park and featuring collaborations with Dan Campbell and Sarah Tudzin, showcases Kississippi’s growth and maturity as an artist. Fans can look forward to the upcoming West Coast tour with indie rock musician talker, kicking off in Seattle on July 18 with tickets available here. Join in on the journey of of self-discovery, heartbreak, and personal growth by following Kississippi on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Bandcamp, and Twitter. Stream the brand new audio below.

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