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Lil Cease Made Sure Biggie's Fam Got Unreleased Tracks, Awaiting Diddy Facts

Source: TMZ


Biggie's former hype man Lil Cease has gone the distance ensuring his fallen friend got the legacy he deserved ... even parting ways with his precious personal recordings, so the estate could finalize his catalog.

TMZ Hip Hop chopped it up with Cease-A-Leo at The Biggie Experience in Manhattan, hosted by the Notorious Kids, T'yanna and CJ Wallace and the "Crush On You" rapper tells us he's sadly exhausted his stash of Biggie tracks to fill up posthumous albums.

Cease was a member of Biggie's Junior M.A.F.I.A. rap group that famously brought the world Lil Kim, and he felt it best for the family to have the music he collected over the years.

With breaks in the Tupac Shakur and Jam Master Jay ice-cold murder cases, Cease says he thinks investigators should be able to piece together evidence to bring Biggie's fam some closure, but he added ... he hasn't heard anything concrete on that front to share.

Ditto for Diddy's latest round of trauma ... Cease will forever be an OG Bad Boy but hopes for an amicable resolution for all parties for all future cases. He stressed the principle of innocence until proven guilty!

He plans on preserving Biggie's history further with a documentary, and T'yanna and CJ are doing the same.

Biggieville is here to stay!!!

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