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Lil Meech Denies Cheating On Summer Walker After Door Cam Bust

Source: TMZ


Lil Meech is trying to save face after Summer Walker called him out, accusing him of flushing their relationship down the toilet -- he says the video of him allegedly visiting a sneaky link isn't what it seems.

A Houston-area DJ put Meech on blast Tuesday by posting the door cam vid of the "BMF" star visiting a woman NOT named Summer Walker, and it appears he stayed a while and got kinda comfy.

Well, Meech hopped on IG after the damning video began to spread to claim the woman was his cousin, and he was merely helping her with some grocery bags. We're gonna keep it a buck -- Meech seemed to be holding back laughter while offering his "groceries" explanation. Take that however you want.

For her part Summer was anything but amused after seeing the video and vented about the fizzled relationship, and her confusion over Meech's behavior.

She says Meech pursued her for years, and even played stepdaddy ... only to "embarrass" her.

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