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Lil Poppa & Lil Durk Want "All The Money In The World"


Feeling the effects of his pockets getting fatter, Lil Poppa unveils Evergreen Wildchild 2 Deluxe. The nine new bonus tracks have social media in an up roar with the addiction of some star studded features. Connecting with director Ryan Lynch, Lil Poppa keeps it simple and about All The Money In The World. Featuring Lil Durk, the two speak on how being friendly doesn't provide or support their hustle and gains. While being able to captivate an audience on TikTok, Lil Poppa has figured out the dancing is only half the battle he faces. Having such a tough spirit, you can see this is only beginning. Make sure you get your copy of the deluxe album here and watch the official video below.

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