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Lil Wayne Ascends To Rap "Glory"


While rappers have tried to become geniuses to the music industry, Lil Wayne has stood with the greats for years after years. Lyrically extinguishing his competition, the latest song Glory has a daunting visual. Without a chorus but using witty wordplay and raw emotions, there is not a doubt this song solidifies his rap hall of fame position. Wayne spits:

Holy sh*t, I'm the holy sh*t, I'm God's manure, I know how to hack a jeweller ward and not computers, I meditate like a Buddhist, Holy ramen noodles.... Pardon my mental, I'm higher than Continental, Went from flyin' cockroaches to flyin' without credentials, That's private, tell the pilot, 'Be quiet, we need our privacy'

Taken to the apocalyptic time, Wayne's barbaric rhymes begin to luminate. Off the Free Weezy Mixtape get your own copy of the single here. Rumor has it, Carter 6 is in the wood works and we can expect an album before the end of year. Take a look at the official video below.

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