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Lil Yacthy Restyles Flow In "Split/Whole Time"


If you know you know musician have a great deal understanding of tempo. Lil Yachty is an artist who is able to bring lyrics to life. Having become one of the most unproclaim songwriters of this generation, Yatchy changes his lyrical abilities to a style and flow sequence. Bringing out the whole town comes the latest visual for Split/Whole Time. Yatchy plays with the tempo with lyrics like:

My niggas got red on they head, Red on they head on some Trump shit, Im swerving the bourbon down highland, Swerving the whip on some drunk shit, Im not a fighter at all, But I stomp his head, wanted him dead.

Lil Boat 3 is out now and available for download here. If you haven't already followed Lil Yatchy catch up to him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Watch the new hip hops prodigy below. Also leave a comment on your thoughts and check out The Boat Show.

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