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Listen To Petey Releases Stirring New Single "The River"

Written By: Big C


In his latest musical endeavor, Petey unveils The River as the inaugural single from his forthcoming acoustic EP, The Closest Thing To Being Over Is Going On. Known for his poignant lyricism and emotive compositions, Petey's talents shine through in this soul-stirring track, characterized by somber guitar melodies and introspective verses. The single offers a glimpse into his evolving artistry, showcasing a new facet of his musical repertoire. Petey's brings the likes of Sir Chloe and Mike Kinsella to further enrich the EP, promising a collection of acoustic renditions and unreleased gems.

As Petey embarks on the second leg of his Tour of the USA, audiences have the opportunity to experience his captivating performances firsthand. From intimate venues to iconic stages, Petey's live shows promise an immersive sonic experience, blending raw emotion with refined musicianship. With upcoming dates in Manchester and London, Petey's international reach underscores his growing influence in the music industry. Stream the brand new single below and pre-order the album here. Immerse yourself in Petey's transcendent artistry By following him on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube.

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