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Lola Young Bares Omission In "Women"


When you think man to woman we tend to see the inverse of each other. The balance of power has been a constant struggle over the years and Lola Young senses the need to speak out in support of Women. Barring the sensuality of the renaissance time period, her passion through uncertainty and heartache has created a jazzed tempo feel. With some many ways of expression, Lola's raw crafty style is eye- catching! Lola says:

I wanted to make this video because I believe women are all undeniably strong, sexy, free, brave, vulnerable, raw and powerful. And that we do not have to hide away. We do not have to remain unseen, our bodies should never be sexualized or a taboo conversation, or only seen through the male gaze. We have the ability to normalize our bodies being on show, and accept them for their differences, as it’s important to remember those differences are currently often shamed. I came up with the idea of the women in the video being fully nude. The energy on set was insane, I have never felt more empowered in my life. Nipples, bums, rolls, stretch marks, cellulite, all of these things are beautiful along with the ‘perfect’ body. This is my personal experience of being a woman, hopefully other women will have their own take on what it means to them.

Directed by Olivia Rose, every curve, essence of glam is capture in the rawest form. The natural beauty of her vocal are impactful and soothing. Expect a long career for the rising star and hopefully some features which challenge her artistry. Be sure to watch below the brand new video and support the single here.

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